Forced circulation for Domestic Hot Water (DHW) and central heating

IS-Energy developed this solar thermal solution to produce DHW and central heating to your home or business. This solution combines solar system with floor and wall heating system. Floor and wall heating systems are the ideal combination with other energy-saving technologies because they perform well at relatively low temperatures. They are invisible and extremely adaptable to different types of materials. Whether it is a new construction or you are planning to renovate your house, this solution is ideal to create a natural and healthy atmosphere.

This solution provides 30 to 40% of energy for DHW and central heating and up to 80% of energy to DHW. Any solar thermal solution requires an alternative energy source such as a heat pump to supply  energy in winter and cold cloudy days.

This solution does not require any adjustments as it is fully automatic even if you are away for a long period of time. During summer, in case the system goes on overheating, it is equipped with high quality components capable of dealing with high temperatures that will guarantee safety to you and your belongings. Our solutions are designed to provide you the best technologic solution while at the same time maximizing your return on investment. 


Product features:

  • High performance collector with ultra-selective coating – mirotherm®
  • Twin line solar station with integrated solar controller Resol Deltasol CS and Wilo circulation pump.
  • Double-enamelled storage tank to meet high demands
  • Optimum solar energy yield due to the two large surface heat-exchangers
  • The upper heat-exchanger is for the solar circuit and the lower heat exchanger is for the heating systems.

The solar fractions are based on an average daily consumption of 50 litres of water at 60°C in the region of Lisbon. The collectors should have a south orientation and an inclination of 45°. These simulations are based on energy-saving low temperatures systems such as floor and wall heating.

This forced circulation system is a compact, robust and aesthetic solution to produce energy for DHW and central heating. It is ideal if you plan to renovate your house. Our systems are flexible since they can be easily integrated with other heating systems and are extremely efficient when combined with low temperature heating systems such as floor and wall heating.