Forced circulation systems for domestic hot water (DHW)


Forced circulation systems work differently than the thermosiphons since they require additional equipment for proper working. Also the storage tank can be installed separately from the collector as the heat transfer fluid is circulated by a pump. Other equipment need to be installed such as sensors and a controller that makes the hot water distribution efficient via pumps and valves. The sensors allow us to compare the temperature in the collectors and storage tanks and the controller regulates the entire system.  These hot water systems emphasize aesthetics and performance since the storage tank does not need to be installed on the roof thus permitting less heat loses. Also, what makes these systems very popular is the flexibility they ensure, because they can be easily integrated with other heating systems. Keep in mind that in order to ensure the supply of hot water during winter and cloudy days, a back-up energy source such as heat pump should be installed. 


Product features:

  • High performance collector with ultra-selective coating – mirotherm®
  • Rapid heat transfer through extensive surface connection of pipe and absorber
  • Solar station with a DeltaSol CS controller, Wilo circulation pump and flowmeter
  • Double-enamelled storage tank to meet high demands
  • Optimum solar energy yield due to large surface heat-exchanger

This forced circulation system is a compact, robust and aesthetic solution to produce DHW. During the months of March to October it provides a solar fraction of nearly 100%. During the other months the system is supported by an alternative energy source such as a heat pump.