PV solar energy


Off-grid PV systems are independent systems that generate energy by converting solar radiation into electricity. Batteries are commonly used as a way to store the energy produced. These systems can be frequently found in remote places where electrical supply from the utility company is not available, the costs for installing it are too expensive or simply because you desire to live independently. We can find examples for PV applications in mountain huts, countryside houses, camper vans, boats, emergency phones, traffic lights, etc.  With a different concept from grid-tied PV systems, off-grid systems require that all components be efficiently connected to catch, convert, store and deliver the energy you need. Therefore it is imperative that all components should be properly dimensioned to be able to meet your energy requirements. Would you like to know more? Talk to us…



  • PV systems use an energy source that is free and available to everyone.
  • It is non-pollutant and noise free energy generator
  • You can generate electricity from everywhere, when you need.  A PV system can be installed on a roof, boat, camping van and all the imaginative places the sun can reach.
  • It has a long life cycle reaching 20 to 25 years
  • Low operational cost. The system is completely automatic so it’s almost maintenance free
  • We are fortunate to be living in a country with the highest solar radiation in Europe with an annual average of up to 3200 hours of sunlight


  • A PV system can only produce energy during day time. At night or in winter times, where the sun´s radiation is too low, the power supply need to be supported by an alternative source
  • High initial investment