Solar control technology


Solar thermal systems are operated and controlled by solar controllers. These are the “brain” of any forced circulation solar installation. The controllers measure the temperatures of collectors, stores and other heat generators. By evaluating these measurements, hot water distribution is efficiently controlled by means of pumps and valves. Our solar controllers provide all the functions required to control any type of solar installation.

About Resol

Resol is a global market leader in the solar energy market. Founded in 1977 it has a wide network of distributors around the globe. Resol products optimise the efficient use of more than 3 million systems in over 60 countries. The several award winning prices are a proof of the quality, aesthetic and technologic efficiency of the product Resol manufactures in the field of solar and system controllers.

As a local distributor for Resol products, we can provide technical assistance, performance calculations and detailed engineering services. We maintain permanent stock for the main line of the Resol controllers for the solar stations for standard and complex solar installations.

Solar controllers

Our stock of RESOL products include a range of high-class solar thermal and heating controllers as well as a broad variety of accessories for the efficient use of energy.

  • From simple controllers for standard solar thermal systems up to individually programmable system controllers
  • Up to 14 relay outputs, with Extension modules even up to 39
  • Many different sensor inputs: Pt temperature sensors, Grundfos Direct SensorsTM, impulse inputs, etc.
  • Pump speed control of high-efficiency pumps

Solar Stations

RESOL controllers are also among the main components of the RESOL pump stations which provide all the vital electronic and hydraulic components of a solar thermal system in one pre-assembled unit.

  • Different variants with a range of pump-controller combinations
  • Single- and twin-line stations
  • Perfectly matched components, e. g.:
  • High-efficiency pumps
  • Digital sensors

VBus and Accessories

The RESOL VBus® enables the communication between controllers and additional modules. In our broad range of accessories, system visualisation plays a major role. In order to meet the need to make the solar heat gains visible, RESOL offers a number of different display units.

  • Datalogger DL2 e DL3
  • VBus®Touch
  • Interface adapter VBus USB/LAN/PWM
  • GA3 Large Display
  • SD3 Small Display


  • High temperature sensors, temperature sensors, flat-screw sensors and complete sensors
  • Cylindrical clip-on sensors and immersion sleeves
  • Overvoltage protection SP10 and outdoor temperature sensor FAP13
  • Solar cell CS10