Termosiphon system for Domestic Hot Water (DHW)


The thermosiphon is a simple, robust and very cost effective system to produce Domestic Hot Water (DHW). The method of heat exchange is based on natural convection to circulate the heating fluid between collector and storage tank, thus it does not require a pump and a controller to work. The fluid is heated in the collector by the sun´s radiation, rises to the tank and it flows back to the collector to be heated again. In order to make this circulation possible it is important that the tank be installed above the collector. Due to the simple construction and installation, the thermosiphon system represents a less expensive alternative to use solar energy. Our thermosiphons systems have 2 to 4m² of collector area and 150 to 300 litres of storage capacity.


Product Features:

  • Compact solar system
  • High quality materials, aesthetic design and easy installation
  • High efficiency flat plate collector
  • Enamelled tank with galvanized steel protection on the outside
  • Support frame easily adapted to a flat or inclined roof
  •  Heating rod of 2,5 kW included
  • System available with high version and low version storage tanks.


  • Simple and cost effective solar system for DHW
  • Easy  installation – Plug & Play
  • Reduced maintenance costs (as compared to forced circulation systems)
  • Widely used for single-family dwellings
  • Easy integration with the existing water heating system
  • No need for an expansion vessel. The gas chamber in the tank´s membrane provides for the expansion of the fluid of the primary circuit